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The Nullarbor Plain
                    Norseman to Ceduna

                             We start our journey from Norseman in Western Australia and travel east to Ceduna in South Australia a distance of 1,202 km, along the way we give you the Roadhouse Caravan Parks and Free Camping spots with places to discover and enjoy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Nullarbor is the largest limestone karst in the world, hidden from view and below it's surface lies a labyrinth of water filled caves and caverns across it's entire length which have served as a mecca for cave divers all over the world. A fascinating trip with so much to see and discover from old telegraph stations now being engulfed by the ever encroaching sand dunes of Eucla to the Bunda Cliffs of The Great Australian Bight. For the golfing fraternity or just a bit of family fun remember to bring a club and a ball to play on the 18 holes of The Nullarbor Links the longest golf course in the world. Starting in Ceduna in South Australia to the Gold Mining Town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia a total distance of 1,365 km. Imagine going home and telling your friends and family you played on the longest golf course in the world wow! What a thrill....