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The Nullarbor Plain
                    Norseman to Ceduna

                             We start our journey from Norseman in Western Australia and travel east to Ceduna in South Australia a distance of 1,202 km, along the way we give you the Roadhouse Caravan Parks and Free Camping spots with places to discover and enjoy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Nullarbor is the largest limestone karst in the world, hidden from view and below it's surface lies a labyrinth of water filled caves and caverns across it's entire length which have served as a mecca for cave divers all over the world. A fascinating trip with so much to see and discover from old telegraph stations now being engulfed by the ever encroaching sand dunes of Eucla to the Bunda Cliffs of The Great Australian Bight. For the golfing fraternity or just a bit of family fun remember to bring a club and a ball to play on the 18 holes of The Nullarbor Links the longest golf course in the world. Starting in Ceduna in South Australia to the Gold Mining Town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia a total distance of 1,365 km. Imagine going home and telling your friends and family you played on the longest golf course in the world wow! What a thrill....

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If traveling from the eastern states Norseman is your gateway to the West after completing your iconic Nullarbor Plain trip, take a break before continuing on your journey of discovery.                               Stay: Gateway Caravan Park

Location: 1175 Prinsep Street, Norseman

GPS: -32.190182,121.778799

Free Camp: Cnr. Richardson & Mildura Streets, Norseman. Suited to self contained RVs

GPS: -32.194468,121.774016

Visit: Beacon Hill Lookout, with views across Norseman township.


Ten Mile Rocks

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Norseman to Fraser Range Station 105 km


Free Camp:

10 Mile Rocks is basic free camp located 14 km east of Norseman on the Eyre Highway, Suitable for all size rigs with amenities. A good location to start or finish your Nullarbor journey


Fraser Range Station

Fraser Range Station Caravan Park

Location: 105 Km east of Norseman, 115 Km West of Balladonia. On the edge of the largest hardwood eucalyptus forest in the world consisting of Blackbutts, Salmon Gums and Gimlets 20 to 30 meters tall. 

Amenities: Showers and Toilets very clean Powered and Unpowered sites set among shady trees.

Notes: Station Tours are Available, dinner and drinks also available. Bookings at the Check In.

The Nullarbor Links: Hole 13 The Sheeps Back

Website: Fraser Range Station


Newman Rocks

Fraser Range Station to Balladonia Roadhouse 89 km.

Free Camps:

Newman Rocks: Located 1 km off the Eyre Highway

39 km East of Fraser Range Station, 50 km West of Balladonia Roadhouse.

GPS: -32.120182,123.164777

Harms Lake: 63 km East of Fraser Range Station, 26 km West of Balladonia Roadhouse.

GPS: -32.225365,123.376559

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Balladonia Roadhouse

Balladonia Roadhouse

Location: Eyre Highway, Balladonia, 194 km East of Norseman, 181 km West of Caiguna Roadhouse.

GPS: -32.353361,123.616934

Visit: The Skylab Museum 

The Nullarbor Links: Hole 12 Skylab

Website: Balladonia Roadhouse

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Baxter Rest Area

Balladonia Roadhouse to Caiguna Roadhouse 181 km

Free Camps:

Afgan Rock Rest Area:

Location: Eyre Highway, 5 km East of Balladonia Roadhouse. 176 km West of Caiguna

Baxter Rest Area: A large shady area with seating, fire pits, toilets and rubbish bins. Plenty of space for any size rig.

Location: 67 km West of Caiguna Roadhouse, 114 km East of Balladonia Roadhouse

GPS: -32.356164,124.786997

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Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Flying Doctor Service Emergency Airstrip

Location: 17 km East of Balladonia Roadhouse, 164 km West of Caiguna Roadhouse.

The Eyre Highway becomes an airstrip for the R.F.D.S.

There are three emergency airstrips across The Nullarbor.

It's comforting to know this service exists on The Nullarbor if required.


90 Mile Straight

                          90 Mile Straight

Australia's longest straight road.

Location: 33 km East of Balladonia Roadhouse and continues all the way to Caiguna Roadhouse 146.6 km.


Caiguna Blowhole

                 Caiguna Blowhole

Location: Just off the Eyre Highway towards the end of 90 Mile Straight 5.4 km West of Caiguna Roadhouse.


Caiguna Roadhouse

                          Caiguna Roadhouse

Location: Eyre Highway at the Eastern end of 90 Mile Straight, after driving for 146.6 km Caiguna Roadhouse is a welcome break.

Nullarbor Links: Hole 11 90 Mile Straight

Website: Caiguna Roadhouse


Cocklebiddy Cave

Caiguna Roadhouse to Cocklebiddy Roadhouse 65 km


Cocklebiddy Cave

Location: 53 km East of Caiguna Roadhouse, 12 km West of Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and 10 km North along a dirt road better suited to 4x4 vehicles. Many dives have taken place here even though today the cave is closed to the public but can still be visited.

GPS: -31.966548,125.91679


Murra El-Elevyn Cave

                       Murra El-Elevyn Cave

Location: 59 km East Of Caiunga Roadhouse, 6 km West of Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, 1 km South off the Eyre Highway.

GPS: -32.042780,126.038106

Information: Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, Permit Required


Cocklebiddy Roadhouse

                    Cocklebiddy Roadhouse

Location: Eyre Highway, 65 km East of Caiguna Roadhouse, 91 km West of Madura Roadhouse

GPS: -32.036641,126.096990

Nullarbor Links: Eagles Nest Hole 10

Website: Cocklebiddy Roadhouse


Madura Pass Lookout

   Cocklebiddy Roadhouse to Madura Pass 91 km

Free Camps

Moonera Tanks Rest Area 

Location: 45 km East of Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, 46 km West of Madura Pass Roadhouse

GPS: -31.989492,126.547202

Olwolgin Rest Area

Location: 67 km East of Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, 24 km West of Madura Pass Roadhouse.

GPS: -31.928939,126.778363

Madura Pass Lookout Rest Area

Location: 90 km East of Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, 1.4 km West of Madura Pass Roadhouse

GPS: -31.899564,127.003773

Spectacular views across the Roe Plain